Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Being Happy

Writing depressive poems drives me nuts,
Writing sometimes is like spilling my guts,
Hoping as I write I am feeling good,
Hoping my words improve as my mood would,
As I read what I have written,
I am hoping I am feeling smitten,
Instead words of sadness drop from my mind,
Sometimes my poems feel none too kind,
I write what's in my heart,
Sometimes I am just hoping for some start,
Waiting for something that makes me feel happy,
That way my poems aren't sad and sappy,
I don't like to feel this icky way,
I am sure its going to leave any day,
This is the only way I can cope,
Feeling something different, feeling some hope,
Sadness is something I think we all feel,
You have to make it leave with your strong will,
Depression is something I am not fond of,
The thing that gets me going is love,
The love that I feel for my kids is always there,
It keeps me going up just one more stair,
If it wasn't for them I would probably give up,
Say forget it, I am down on my luck,
Because of them I go on every day,
I open my eyes and am glad to stay,
I may have done wrong, but with my kids I did not,
I am lucky to have them, they are all I have got,
That is not true either, or so I thought before,
That was before my family showed me they were much, much more,
More than I thought in my heart and in my mind,
They love me just as I do them in kind,
I sometimes forget about the person who is always there,
This makes me think that I am not always being fair,
He sees me do this and that and gladly takes more,
He deals with my happiness, my sorrow, my roar,
It's just in my world you always have a craving,
There's always something I long to be taking,
It's not money I crave in this world you see,
But a life full of love and a soul that will stay be.

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